Open Camera Apk For Android Free Download Now

Open Camera Apk For Android Free Download Now

Open Camera apk for Android is a complete featured free of cost camera app for your Android device and tablets which have gone beyond the sky for its popularity. In actual, it is an open source camera app that can give you clear images even though it offers fewer filters. As this is the world of fashion trend, people are always running for good pictures to upload their beautiful pictures in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. With 10 million download, users are enjoying the powerful Open Camera app. With Open Camera Apk, you can snap a picture in any angle.

Open camera app for android

Now you can click photos as much as you wanted with the powerful Open Camera application. However, in just one single app, you can get the desired image of your choice with the Open Camera Android Apk. Further, with the help of this app, you can easily take a picture and upload them in any social media within very short time. So, if you are one of them who like clicking pictures and selfies then here you can have the opportunity to learn how to download and install this app. But first, let us go deep to know what actually this Open Camera app is for Android.

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Open Camera App – Everything that you should know about the app:

Do you know how does an Open Camera app develop in Android market? The reality is, because of its powerful camera that not only clicks pictures but also records videos. Even here you can view the free space available on your phone the moment you open the app. Apart from that, this app provides zoom in and zoom out feature that helps you to click accurate pictures along with an angle. Unlike zooming you can also get the freedom to take multiple pictures in succession with this app. With just a single touch the user can take a good photo. So, when speaking any apps that hold its top #1 position for clicking pictures and taking videos is none other than Open the Camera apk for Android. Instead of going further we would love to show you some few steps to download and install the Open Camera Apk file below.

How to Download Open Camera Apk for Android?

To download the latest version of Open Camera Apk file of open Camera, follow some steps which we will be displaying below;

  • To start downloading the newest version of Open Camera Apk for Android click
  • Or you can also go to any trusted website and type download Open Camera Apk.
  • Now click on the Apk file and tap on the Download button. Wait unless the download gets fully completed.
  • Finally, we are done with downloading.
  • Do remember that before you install the Apk file you have to do some changes on your Android device settings and i.e, Enabling Unknown Sources.
  • To enable it, first visit your device “settings” and then under that visit “security settings” which will be followed by “unknown sources”.
  • Now go back to your home page of your device and start locating the downloaded Open Camera Apk file.

With the above-mentioned method, we have completed the steps of downloading. Now we will proceed with installation steps.

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Note: This application is also available in Google Play Store, to install it, click Here. This way is also better and simpler if you face trouble or don’t have Play Store on your Smartphone or Tablets.

How to Install Open Camera Apk for Android?

Just as downloading the file is easy, even the ways of installation are also very simple. Follow the steps that we have guided you below and you will do well.

  1. Right after enabling unknown sources, now it is time to locate the Apk file on your device.
  2. Now click on the Install button and wait for the process to get completed.
  3. Follow the instructions provided on the screen.
  4. Once the confirmation message pops up for complete installation, you are then ready to use the app.

With just 4 steps, you can simply complete installing the file of Open Camera Apk. As we have said that the app is so powerful that you can either take a picture or record videos, more available features to be read thoroughly below.

What are the Latest Features of Open Camera App?

1.      Click Pictures Perfectly:

open camera app download

The moment you open the app, a blue camera icon will be seen with which you can get the picture within single touch. And no matter what, with an auto-stabilize option, the images are clicked perfectly in a level.

2.      Camera Settings:

open camera apk for android

When you visit the settings, you will find so many options to click the perfect image of yours. This setting includes setting a timer for a camera from 1s to 5m. Or you can also turn it off. It also allows you to take multiple photos in succession. Visit More camera controls option and you will find more settings like playing shutter sound while taking photos or any beep sound when the timer is counting down etc. Lastly, you can also adjust your image quality whether you want a dark image or a day light image.

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3.      Video Recording/Taking Picture:

Either you may want to click pictures with front facing camera for selfies or with back facing camera; video recording is the significant thing about this app. This means along with taking pictures, you can also take videos. Just simply tap the recorder icon. The most important thing is videos are recorded in HD quality. Isn’t it great for its users? However, the camera supports scene mode, focus mode, white balance, color effects, face detection, torch, ISO, exposure lock etc.

4.      Apply Location in Pictures:

Both the photos as well as videos can be applied with GPS location that includes compass direction. Not only that, this app also allows applying date and timing in photos as well as videos.

5.      User-Friendly Application:

This app is an open source application and available to download free of cost without any ads. This means that the app does not provide any hidden cost. Use them as much as you can unlimited.

The Final Words:

Now, we hope that you have got the complete idea about Open Camera Apk for Android. Simply click on the camera icon to click photos. You can also reverse the camera for clicking selfies or recording videos. Do remember to follow the above-mentioned steps that we have provided to download and install Open Camera App. As millions of publics are downloading this application, so you do not need to stress much to think what type of application is this. The features that we have enlisted in this blog post will give you crystal clear idea about this app. Till then have a selfie click and look beautiful.

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