8 Lucky Patcher Alternatives for Android and iOS

8 Lucky Patcher Alternatives for Android and iOS

Apps like Lucky Patcher are very helpful for both Android and iOS users to hack different apps and games. Hacking such apps and games allow you to hack in-app purchases, earn unlimited gems or money or gold, bypass license verification, modify applications, and lots more. But Lucky Patcher is not the only app that performs such hacking tricks. There are a lot of Lucky Patcher Alternatives available that performs the same job, even more in some aspects, like Lucky Patcher.

lucky patcher alternatives

So if you are looking for the same i.e. Lucky Patcher Alternatives for Android and iOS devices, then keep reading this article, Because here we have listed out the top 8 similar apps like Lucky Patcher which will allow you to hack all the apps and games on your Android and iOS smartphones.

Top 8 Similar Apps like Lucky Patcher

Today, there are a lot of Lucky Patcher alternatives available on the web. But a very few are worthy of you, or better to say, a few are capable to compete with the latest version of Lucky Patcher APK. Here we have mentioned such capable top 8 similar apps like Lucky Patcher. And they are:


CreeHack is one of the best hacking apps like Lucky Patcher. The user interface of the app is almost same as Lucky Patcher. But if you compare both the applications in case of their performances, then you will find that Lucky patcher is little faster than CreeHack. But that doesn’t mean that it is worthless. If anything that gives better service after Lucky Patcher, then CreeHack is the option. So click the link to Download CreeHack on your Android Smartphone and enjoy.

Freedom APK

Freedom APK is another top hacking app that you must have heard about it, especially the gamers. After comparing Freedom Vs Lucky Patcher, we have found that some aspects of Freedom are even better than Lucky Patcher. It is specially designed to hack video games and their premium features. So if you are a gamer and looking for any Lucky Patcher alternatives then download Freedom on your Android mobile. And then hack your favorite games and earn unlimited money and gold.


It would be very unfair to write about the List of Lucky Patcher Alternatives without AppSara. It is also one of the best apps like Lucky Patcher. The best thing about this app is that you can play games under the app permission after the hacking. Isn’t it great? So if there is any problem with the Lucky patcher, then you must download AppSara. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Tablets, and other devices. Here we have provided the download source for Android only. Other users must search for this from their devices.

IAP Cracker APK

If you are looking for the best alternative of Lucky Patcher app for iOS devices, then congratulation, here you have got the best thing for your smartphone. iAP Cracker APK is the best hacking tool that is designed solely for iOS devices. Using this app, you can hack in-app purchases, modify APKs, play games under app permission, even after hacking, earn unlimited gems, and lots more. So go to the download page of iAP Cracker APK for iOS. There you will get the download button. Click on it. Jailbreak is required for this app.

Leo PlayCard

Leo PlayCard is the best Lucky Patcher Alternative for hacking the in-app purchases. Using this app, users can bypass payment option of any apps, games, and even app stores. Hence you can download thousands of premium apps for absolutely free. Below we have provided the download link for Leo PlayCard. Simply click the link to download the app on your devices and then install them. After this, open the app and enable it to hack the desired app.


Like iAP Cracker, iAPFree is one of the top hacking apps for iOS devices. It helps the gamers to hack games and to complete different levels with ease. Not only this, gamers can get unlimited coins and gems for extra features and facilities. Apart from these, iAPFree is famous for hacking in-app purchases too.  But you could not download it directly. Simply open “Cydia” and type “http://repo.hackyourphone.org” or “http://repo.biteyourapple.net” on “Add Source” option. Then go to the source to search and then download.

SB Game Hacker download

If you are a gamer and want a hacking app for only hacking games, then you should go with SB Game Hacker. That’s because it is designed and developed for hacking games, their in-app purchases, and getting unlimited points, money, and gold. So for gaming only, it would be the best choice among the other Lucky Patcher alternatives. Here is the link to download SB Game Hacker App. Simply click on it and enjoy gaming with unlimited features.


Another app that should be added to the list is the GameCIH. It is also the best alternative to Lucky Patcher. Like SB Game Hacker app, GameCIH is also designed for hacking games, their features, and in-app purchases. it also allows the users to play games in offline mode too. So click on the download link of GameCIH to download it on your devices. Rooted devices are required to download the app.

Final Words

These are the top 8 Lucky Patcher Alternatives that you must try. These alternative apps are fully capable to provide the same services like the Lucky Patcher. But some of the above-mentioned apps are totally dedicated to hacking games and their in-app purchases. So choose the best hacking apps like Lucky Patcher for Android and iOS devices, and hack all the in-app purchases of your desired apps & games.

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