Fizz Counter- Learn How To Counter Fizz!

Fizz Counter- Learn How To Counter Fizz!

Hi League Of Legends players! Some of you players must be having tight competition with Fizz. Obviously, it is not that easy either to Fizz counter, this dominant champion with his abilities of chum the waters, Playful, Urchin Strike, Seastone Trident, and Nimble Fighter. Yeah, it is tough to chase and fight to counter Fizz but wait, it’s not impossible either to counter him.

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Before you go to beat your opponent (Fizz), you must have some good ideas about your opponent. If you know, the weakness and strength of opponent then chasing and doing Fizz counter wouldn’t be that difficult for you. Not only force and weakness but also you have to know that with which opponent Fizz is weak or strong against. So knowing this essential thing about Fizz is paramount before you run at the back of fizz to counter Fizz.

So today I am here to share with you about which champion Fizz is weak or strong or with which Fizz goes with even or well with. I hope you will find many things to know about Fizz more deeply and by reading this, you will find easy to solve your “How to counter fizz?” question.

Fizz Counter | How to counter Fizz:

Fizz is very much deadly with his shark in the battleground and for counters Fizz, it is like very much difficult for how to counter fizz if you don’t know the tricks. Here you may have seen the strength and weakness and his abilities which is necessary for you to know if you are going to Fizz counter.

Counter Fizz

So here I came up with a new content, here you will get to know which champion you should choose for counters Fizz. I am sure after reading this you will choose the strong champion for your self, so here we go with the list of champions.

So let’s first start with the list of which Fizz is weak against and this champion can easily do Fizz counter. But remeber this list is given according to my experience of Playing League of Legends.

Fizz is Weak Against:

1. Ryze: Ryze is very powerful against Fizz. If you want to counters Fizz easily then it will be best for you if you choose Ryze as your champion. Ryze is having many abilities with which he can beat Fizz easily and such abilities are like, Ryze can easily come over the shark of the Fizz and Ryze is having many other spells with which Fizz can be killed and you will win. If you want to solve how to counter her then I must say you should choose Ryze.

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2. Akali: You can also choose Akali  to counter her. Akali is strong against Fizz because as I have said in my previous article that Fizz is very weak in cooling down. This weakness of fizz is taken as advantage by Akali because whenever Fizz lacks of cool down Akali comes up with hit tricky attack and defeat Fizz easily within no time.

how to counter Fizz lol

3. Kayle: I guess you all know about Kayle. This is one of the best champions of LOL game that you can choose. When Kayle and Fizz is in the battleground that is sure to be the best battle that you could see in LOL game. Kayle can counter Fizz because Kayle can easily get rid of Shark. I hope this will get interesting too, but I will tell you to use all teh tricks to counters Fizz.

Build Fizz mid

4. Diana: Diana a name of a girl but this is also a good character of LOL game. If you choose this character in LOL, then it is settled that you are going to win against Fizz. But only if you know all the tricks of how to counter her. I hope you will easily learn the tricks, and you will be able to Fizz counter.

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5. Annie: Annie has many free stunts that you can use while you are fighting with Fizz. As you know, Fizz is weak n cooling down you can take advantage of your cooling down Faster. I must say this is another character which I feel the strongest in League of Legends Game.

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Fizz is Strong Against:

1. Anivia: Fizz is really very deadly against Anivia. If you choose Anivia as your character then I don’t think you will be able to win over Fizz because none of the tricks of Anivia work to defend Fizz. Once Fizz uses his Chum water trick Anivia is out of nowhere.


2. Katarina: This character is interesting with many useful abilities. But all the abilities of Katarina is not that powerful against Fizz abilities. Now you may ask that Can’t Katarina take any action when Fizz is in lack of cool down? I will say Katarina can’t take any action because you will be forced to use all the tricks you have before, so you are left with no tricks to attack.

3. Syndra:  This character looks fascinating and killer, but this character does not have that ability that it can defend against Fizz for a longer period. Fizz thinks that this character is just a kid to fight.

4. Karthus: I totally don’t think Karthus character will be even able to go in front of Fizz because if Fizz uses his Urchin trick, then I don’t think Karthus will survive. SO if you are thinking to counter fizz by choosing Karthus, then you will never succeed in your planning in front of Fizz.

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So this is all the things you need to know if you are going to Fizz counter. I would like to suggest you to choose Ryze if possible because this character is very much strong against Fizz, this will easily help you to Fizz counter quickly. I hope you have liked reading this article because I believe I gave all the information on choosing a good character to counter Fizz. If you have any confusion then please proceed below to the comment box.