Fizz Counter – How To Counter Fizz

Fizz Counter – How To Counter Fizz

Playing league of legends for the first time? Is this game very interesting, right? Here in League of Legends (LOL), there are many champions to which you will need to beat on the battlefield. Counters Fizz is a champion from League of Legends with lots of strength but Fizz looks really cool with his shark and his helmet. So as you are a newbie in LOL let’s see how can you Fizz counter in the battlefield. It will be very interesting to Fizz counter now on knowing the basic abilities of Fizz

Fizz counter

So before you go to the battlefield you must know about some of the strength and weakness of your competitor so that you can counter Fizz easily in the battlefield. If you don’t know about the weakness and strength to counters Fizz then it’s no way you will do Fizz counter. So know about something about the competitor before playing on the battlefield.

Fizz Counter- The Powerful Attacker:

Fizz is a very Clever attacker of the league of legends, it’s attacking abilities are awesome enough to defeat you if you do not know the procedure of Fizz counter. Fizz is just like a ninja or a serial killer because it has the ability to hide and attack in the battlefield. Fizz also has a shark with him which eats the opponent, This shark is not just a shark but it is a monster in the game League of Legends. But first of all, you will need to download the League of Legends game on your Windows PC.

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 Fizz – Abilities:

Before going to the battlefield you must at least know about the abilities of Fizz so that you can be clever enough in the battle and defeat Fizz.

1. Nimble Fighter: This ability is very passive, Fizz dexterity allows him to take unit collision and take less physical damage from all the basic attacks. He takes nimble fighter because he needs to go in the middle range of battle and win the last stage of the battle.

2. Urchin Strike: This ability of Fizz lets him strike his target or opponent and run through them and will deal with magic damage and by applying his hit effects he will defeat his opponent.

3. Seastone Trident: Fizz takes this ability when the opponent is missing its health.Fizz trident cause rending wounds in his opponent and deals magic damage to the target based on the missing health of the opponent. This ability of Fizz is often used as soon as the opponent is weak in health or missing any health. So if you want to do Fizz counter then you must be aware of your missing health.

4. Fizz Trickster: This is very tricky because Fizz always jumps in the air and land in the ground and becomes un-targetable. In this time, Fizz has two options it can either slam into the ground or it can choose to jump again in the air. If Fizz does this on the battlefield then he is totally un-targetable by the opponent. So doing Fizz counter will be difficult if Fizz does these abilities.

5. Chum The Water or Magical Fish: Fizz also has the abilities to unleash a magical fish/monster which latches the enemy and slowing the champion. The shark appears from beneath the earth and damages the enemy who ever is around the fish and make them knock out a side.

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Fizz – Strength, and Weakness:

Like all the champions of League of Legends Fizz also totally depends on the abilities and it’s strength. If you want to Fizz counter then you should always know about its strength and weakness. So let’s know about the strength and weakness about Fizz. Hey, but be sure about the strength of Fizz.

Counterpick Fizz

Strength: Fizz is having a high burst potential and has tons of mobility, easy ganking which means whenever Fizz ganks he kills his opponent. He can easily avoid most of the Ultimates and use his playful tricks in the battle.

Weakness: Fizz is having really a low cooldown and mana costs, very squishy which means his defense level is weak and Fizz can be countered easily. Fizz also has weakness of melee to the last hits and Fizz is very dependent on the landing ultimates like 1:1 ratio which means if he misses this ultimate he is as clear as dead. Fizz easily focus on the spells except for the ultimates but the opponent has to be within the melee range.

Tips to Counter Fizz:

If you want to Fizz counter then you will have to choose good champions like Orianna, Zyra, Diana, Ryze. If you take this champions it will be easy for you to counter Fizz within a moment in the battlefield. Below I will be sharing some tips to counters Fizz and I am sure this effects in your gameplay with Fizz.

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1.  Fizz is really very deadly when your health drops down in the battle because Fizz uses all of its ability when the opponent is in bad health condition.

2. So stay as healthy as possible when you are fighting with Fizz in the battle and don’t let him know about the health condition of yours.

3. Never Chase Fizz as he is having the best abilities in extended skirmishes. So it is better if you don not chase Fizz in the battleground.

4.  Always take advantages of Fizz getting weak early or low cool down because this is the main key where you can counters Fizz.

5. You better focus on the team fights if you are going for Fizz as Fizz is very squishy.

6. One more important thing is that always deny the blue buff in the ground.

7. Follow Fizz when he is roaming and counter gank him as soon as possible. This is all if you want to know some more about the tips to counter Fizz then you can follow the given link.

So these are all the details about the tips and tricks to counter Fizz using other champions in the game. You must follow this tips and tricks, as the Fizz champion is very clever and deadly when it comes to game.

Have a look at the video of tips to Counter Fizz


Here I have given you more than enough of information about Fizz counter and his Strength and abilities. Now you will be able to counters Fizz easily by only keeping this important points in mind. You will easily realize how easy is to Fizz counter.

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