Fizz Counter and Tips – League of Legends

Fizz Counter and Tips – League of Legends

After the introduction of the online gaming scene, we started to see games under a new limelight. It has changed the face of gaming. And soon our favorite games started to go online, some of those are Warcraft, Call of Duty, Command and Conquerors and etc. After that new games which are only meant for online gaming started to appear, these games could only be played online.

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Among these games League of Legends has made a name of its own, it is one of the best online games. Almost every gamer knows about this game and have played it or might still be playing it. Even non gamers know about this game too. So I think you can understand the popularity of this game.

tips and tricks Fizz counter

Well, it’s not like everybody should know about this game, most of you might not know about it. Don’t worry I am here to explain it to you how this game works or what this game is all about.

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game, where you get to play against different players all around the world. In this game, you are to select a Champion from different hero classes which contain lots of other Champions. Then you need to upgrade the level of your Champion by killing the non-hero units or other Champions to earn XP and Gold. With the gold, you need to buy items which will make your Champion strong.  You can also play in a team, which would have 3 or 5 set of players with you and against you.

Now among those Champions, Fizz is one of the strongest Champions in the game, Fizz is an Assassin and Fighter class Champion. An Assassin class Champion’s work is to kill other Champion class heroes as quickly as possible. Assassin Class Champions are very hard to kill if they are farmed properly. Fizz is said to be to very strong, so he is feared by a lot of players. And most of them search for ways to disable him during the game or at early stages of the game where he is not that effective. Down below are a few tips in which Fizz can be countered.

Fizz Counter Tips:

  • General Tips:
  1. You can avoid him at the early stage of the game. Your Champion might not be strong at the early stage of the game. So it is better to avoid him.
  2. Using salt against him is also a good action, which in turn will dry him up.
  3. His ultimate can be avoided by using Quicksilver Sash, which is an effective item against him. This item removes all debuffs from your Champion.
  4. Try to deny his farm and dodge his abilities at the beginning.

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  • Counter Heroes:

There are a lot of Champions who are effective against Fizz, but here I’ll be telling you about those who are most effective against him.

  1. Lissandra: She is a Mage class Champion, who specializes in using ice elemental spells. Fizz is agile Champion. She is the most effective Champion against him at the early stages of the game, as she can slow him down using the ice spells and stop him by freezing him. But she being a mage class Champion makes her ineffective during the late game.
  2. Diana: She is an Assassin and Mage Class Champion. She is also quite effective against him. She can disable him during the early game and also in the late game.
  3. Mordekaiser: He is a fighter class Champion. Fizz faces a lot of problems while facing him as he has high armor which reduces the damage dealt by his enemies. He can also deal high damage to his enemies, which makes him quite effective against Fizz.
  4. Akali: Being an Assassin and Fighter Class Champion just like Fizz, she can stop him quite well. Using her “Twilight Shroud” skill she can make him Slow. She can use magic type attacks too, which are very effective against him.
  5. Kayle: He is Fighter and support Class Champion. He can reduce the armor and magic resistance of his enemies and can even slow them down. So I think you can understand why he is effective against Fizz.

So these are the ways in which you can counter Fizz. There are many other ways by which he can be countered. You can try out different Champions who you think might be strong against him.Well if you have any better ideas you can let us know or if you have any problems or confusions regarding this article you can let us know, we will try to solve them ASAP. Thank You.

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