How to Download and Play League of Legends For Windows/ MAC/PC

How to Download and Play League of Legends For Windows/ MAC/PC

Hey there, today I am going to tell you about how to download League of Legends game (LOL). This game is very famous among the Microsoft games and this game is so famous that it is played worldwide and a tournament takes place for this game every year since 2011 and this tournament is known as Legend of Leagues. In this tournament, there is a winning prize of $100,000 USD for the champions team. So this is a very big championship where every LOL player wants to participate.

League of legends

This is an online game where you can also use multiplayer. In this LOL game, you are to make a team and solve the quest of the game together. In League of Legends, there can be two teams which will consist of 5 members in each team. The main theme of the game is to destroy the nexus of the opponent team, Nexus means the main controller of the team. So when the nexus is destroyed that means the whole team loses and your team has won the battle.

How to Download and Install League of Legends:

League of Legends game is a free game for microsoft users so you can easily download this game in your PC from League of Legends official site. This game is available for both Windows and MAC PC, so got nothing to worry about if your PC in not windows or not. So don’t wait for long go to the official site of LOL and get your game downloaded in your PC.

  1. For downloading this game first of all sing in the game with your email-id.
  2. Secondly choose your type of operating system.
  3. Finally now you can download the game.

Now enjoy playing League of Legends game in your PC with out any restriction in your PC and train your self to be a good nexus and to win the champion of legend of leagues.

league legends

This is all the easy way to download and install League of Legends in your PC and play. I hope you got how to download this game in your PC now the second thing is how to play. As you are a beginner you must be unknown of how to play this game and for sure you might feel that this game is very difficult. So here I am with the procedure to play this game.

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 How to Play League of Legends Game in Your PC:

Here in this game you will first need to choose a character or champion for your choice and in the entire game you are to play with that character. There are many characters in League of Legends and different characters are having different abilities and strength so according to me you have to choose one of the best character of LOL according to you.

leagues of legends

As I have said you this is a multiplayer game where you can attack with many other teams world wide. You will have many level and yoou will have to fight with many high levels which are the best in the world wide. If you can win over them then you can win the champion that happens once in a year. So that’s all I got to tell have fun playing LOL game.

This is all the ways and procedure to download League of Legends game. Here I have also given you some rough idea of how to play this League of Legends game. I hope you have clearly got the ways to download and install this LOL game and you also may have known how to play this game easily. So I have given you all the instruction now you can go to the internet and play this game. Thanks for reading this article I hope you enjoyed.

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