How to Download Chomp SMS for Android Smartphone

How to Download Chomp SMS for Android Smartphone

Chomp SMS for Android, can say as one of the best alternative messaging apps comparing to other apps. It is one of the interesting messaging apps where you can text faster and in an easy way with eight hundred icons like emoji’s while messaging. It is one of the best apps where you can secure your private text by locking it giving passcode, using an automatic signature of yours while texting also can block messages from your contacts.

Chomp SMS

If you are bored enough of using your messaging apps and want to try something unique messaging apps with lots of features then download Chomp SMS messaging apps. To download on your Android device it will take only 5 megabytes of your memory. And also the best part of this app is it saves your battery than other messengers. If you are new to it and don’t know the process to download then below we are going to help you to download.

How to download Chomp SMS for Android

Chomp SMS messaging apps is really best and interesting apps you will not regret it after downloading it on your device, Five millions of people already have been downloaded this app and their review towards this apps is really good. Give it a try and start downloading it.

Here is the process to download on your Android device:

  • You can directly download Chomp SMS from your Google Play Store.
  • Go to Google Play Store type the main keyword in the searching bar.
  • After typing the keywords various options will be shown below, from that choose the one that you are going to download.
  • Now click on the install button and access the instruction of Google Play by taping on the Accept button.
  • After tapping on it Chomp SMS will start downloading on your device wait for some minutes to get downloaded.
  • Chomp SMS downloaded successfully on your device. Open the apps to use.
  • After opening the apps a pop-up instruction will be shown on your device allow it to start.
  • Give it a try by messaging from Chomp SMS with your friends with emoji and other features.

These were the steps to download Chomp SMS on your Android device. If you are new then follow the process step by steps to get downloaded. After downloading use it by messaging with your friends, sending emoji, and creating the unique look of yours. It also offers Amazing features for the user know it by reading the post below.

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Features of Chomp SMS Messaging app for Android

Chomp SMS came with various features which are really good and interesting. Below we have provided some list of features check it out.

Chomp SMS

Here are the lists of features of Chomp SMS:

  • It offers 800 emoji’s for the users which they can use while messaging.
  • It has privacy options passcode app lock and message lock.
  • Schedule SMS sender.
  • SMS blocker.
  • Automatic Signature.
  • Quick replies pop up.
  • Multi-selected picture gallery.
  • Group Messaging.
  • Better MMS.

These are the features of Chomp SMS that offers for the users take benefit of the features by using it on your device and start messaging. This app not only offers features and it offers customization options like, LED colors, Notification icons, screen colors, font type, font size, vibrate pattern, background wallpaper and much more. Isn’t it amazing so go for it by using it on your device?


Chomp SMS for Android smartphone is really amazing and interesting SMS app. Using this app, you can text with your friends easily and in a faster way. If you are bored of using your default messaging apps then why don’t you try for Chomp SMS app? Chomp SMS app is really good and has great features you will not regret it. Millions of people have downloaded these apps by giving good reviews and it will not take much MB of your memory. Be hurry and download it on your device.

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