Best Texting Apps for Android You Can Use

Best Texting Apps for Android You Can Use

Android user from around the globe does have a bad choice when it comes to choosing of the text sending applications for their Android device. Which one is the best texting app for android? Most of the people do not have any clue on which of the texting Apps they should install into their Android device. Here, I will discuss on the Best Texting Apps for Android which will make your day.

Texting Apps for Android play a major role in your Android device for having a conversation with your friends, co-workers, and family. Stay connected with all the people you care and discuss on the happening of your life. Here are the lists of 10 Best Texting App for Android. Well, just like for a better video watching experience we need a good video player like MX Player, similarly, for better texting/messaging experience we must download texting apps on our smartphone.

10 Best texting apps for Android free:

1. Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is one of the most amazing texts messaging apps available for download in the Google Play Store. Now you can make a video call using the Facebook Messenger on your Android device and connects with your friends, family, and co-workers.


  • It is very easy to manage to send text messages with the messenger.
  • It makes you conversation fascinating with the help of the stickers.
  • Send media files like voice notes, documents, photos, videos as well.
  • Find your friends on Facebook by synchronizing your contacts with the messenger.
  • You can turn on your location and notice the other users typing in the chat room of the messenger.

2. WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is a free texting app for Android available and other devices platform as well. It helps you to stay connected with your family, friends, and co-workers. Either send them text messages, voice note, video call, documents and media files. In simple words, after buying a new smartphone we download MX player for watching videos because of its multiple features, likewise, WhatsApp is the first priority in case of instant messaging apps with over millions of users globally.


  • Using the WhatsApp web mode you will be text or send photos, videos, songs, etc.
  • It is very easy to operate, very secure and well-maintained.
  • Keep in touch with your entire childhood buddy, family members or co-workers in a group chat for discussion and fun.
  • One of the new features added into the texting apps for Android is the video calling.
  • The documents sharing facility makes it easy for you to share any format of documents with others.
  • Now you can set image or video status as well recieve multimedia files like images, videos, GIF, songs etc.

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3. Google Allo:

Google Allo is one of the coolest messaging applications which allow you to connect with your friends, co-workers, and family. It is a smart messaging app that helps you to enjoy the text messaging with the impressive stickers, HUGE emojis, and doodles. In the meant time Google Allo comes with the Google assist.


  • You can respond without typing any text in the conversation in your style, as the quick reply comes with the suggest text or with the emoji responses deals with your personality.
  • Make your text messages shout or whisper by simply increasing the size of your conversation text. Make it sounds like loud or quiet to make text messaging more interesting.
  • In the Google Allo messaging app you can convert any of the photos into the art work.
  • Express words with the best sticker of the Google Allo app.
  • You can get any help for the Google Allo app with the Google Assistant.
  • Start your private chat into the Incognito mode where you can send text messages with the end-to-end encryption.

4. Google Messenger:

Google Messenger brings to you facilities to keep in touch with your close one by sending text messages, audio files, video files, and photos, etc. It gives you a fantastic feature such as the audio messages, emoji support, location sharing, stickers, messages archiving and also colored text threads.


  • Choose any of the audio files or pictures or videos with the help of your Google messenger app. Share the selected media files directly in a very fast speed to the people listed in your contacts.
  • Search for the conversation threads if there is any from your contact lists.
  • Google Messenger can block the unwanted SMS. It comes with the total control of avoiding unwanted SMS sender.
  • The purposeful design brings to you new, fluid, material design which is intuitive and also delightful.

5. HoverChat:

HoverChat comes as a replacement for the Stock SMS app where you get to send text messages without any errors. It brings to you the pop-up bubble kind of the functions that are available in the Facebook messenger for your Android device.


  • It comes with the multiple floating windows at the same time.
  • You can drag and drop the windows very smoothly.
  • The collapse mode of the apps helps you to minimize the pop-ups for enabling the easy access at any moment.
  • There is a mode in which you will be able to save messages on your encrypted device to avoid the unwanted user read you text messages.
  • It provides you the emoji support and a stylish notification animation for the incoming messages in the minimized chat room of windows.

6. My SMS:

My SMS app is one of unique texting apps for Android devices. It is the only remote texting apps that come with the native apps for your Android phone or tablets, Windows 7, Windows 8 and MAC OS X.


  • You will be able to text from your PC and tablet with the help of your Android device.
  • Notification will be available on your PC while you receive a phone call on your phone.
  • MMS Group Chat support, Multimedia messages support and also supporting in any of the browsers such as the Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Opera as well.
  • The application provides you the full lists of the call log history of your PC or Android device.
  • Using the app you can also connect to fantastic services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

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7. 8sms:

8sms is the best stock texting apps for Android device as it brings to you the useful updates and the enhancements. It is comparatively different from other stock messaging app as it comes with some extra features which boost your text messages conversation and sharing media files is quicker.


  • It gives you the quickest reply pop-ups.
  • Obviously, has the emoji support in it.
  • It comes with the optional dark theme.
  • It has the unique robust “out-of-box” MMS support.
  • It is clean and absence of bloat.

8. Textra SMS

Textra SMS is the right choice for you if you are looking for a beautiful, amazingly fast and also highly customizable messaging app for your Android device. The app brings to you one of the amazing features such as the floating notifications and the quick reply response.


  • It is made up of simple user-interface, fast and beautiful designs.
  • Stylish emojis with the diversity of the skin tone.
  • You can copy the partial text in the messaging app.
  • To find out the amazing features of the app go inside the bubble and tap on it.
  • It comes with the quick reply of text messages and updates of the notification.

9. Hangouts:

Hangouts is a fantastic text messenger app with the help of which you start making conversation by sending text messages to your contact lists. In the same time, you chat in a group and send photos, videos, and voice note. Etc.


  • Choose any of your favorite images from your photo album and share it with a group of 150 people or individual chat room at a very fast speed.
  • In the voice calling mode, you can start looking for contacts and call to them.
  • It also comes with the video calling facilities that also included in a group.
  • The application brings you exciting features such as the emoji support, sharing location, audio messages, and the color text, etc.
  • It can block SMS sender as it helps you to avoid the unwanted text messages.

10. Evolve SMS

Evolve SMS is one of the most powerful texting apps which enables you to have a conversation with your friends very quickly and easily. It is well-designed with the bottom up and comes with the smooth user-interface functions.


  • It has an impressive number of built-in Material Design themes and also the rich notification of customization settings.
  • The app works very smoothly with no delay on the fast response of the text messages.
  • It is well-designed and comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • The power Media Support gives you the facility of sending Media files such as Image, Video, Photos and Audio files.

I have listed all the Best Texting Apps for Android above in details. Choose any of 10 Best texting app for Android that comes free. Now you can enjoy starting having the conversation with your friends and send them media files, voice note, and text messages.

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