Best Apps Lock for Android Smartphones

Best Apps Lock for Android Smartphones

The developers of Android devices has brought lots of changes on the lock screen, where the present lock screen looks amazing and is totally efficient. Although every user does not like to go with the Lock screen which the developers of Android offers, rather they wanted to try different others lock screen which better and more efficient.

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Luckily, there are many apps lock for Android Smartphones, which are both changeable and customizable. But there is a condition, you will need to disable the default lock options on your Android Smartphones since some locks screen apps do not work well with default lock screen.

Check out the top 10 apps lock for android Smartphones below:

Top 10 Apps Lock for Android Smartphones

1. Next Lockscreen

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If you are looking for the simple lock screen app that has simple functionality options, then Next Lockscreen can be the right choice for you. This app provides you a background feature, screening you the majority of being used including its location and time. Besides that, it is also accessible to various shortcuts as we as toggles including Bluetooth, Wifi, brightness slider and others. This Lock screen offers you an amazing and attractable wallpaper, viewing the time and date. Download Next Lockscreen from Google Playstore for free.

2. Hi Locker

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Hi Locker is one of the best lock screen app available for Android Smartphones. It comes with a mixture design of old and modern lock screen apps. It offers you with security lock features like a smart lock, finger lock etc. Besides that, you will also find useful features including notification check, weather info, accessible apps from lock screen, calendar pane on the lock screen and lot more. Overall it is a perfect lock screen app. Download Hi Locker app from Google Playstore.

3. Echo LockScreen

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Echo LockScreen offers with sets of remarkable features. It is very easy to use and also you can customize it as per your requirements. Its group’s notifications under labels are quite impressive including media, social network, priority etc.It also comes with a feature to snooze notification, enabling you to go back to the notification section. Echo Lock screen comes with both free and paid version, but you are looking for ads free app then download its paid version from Google Playstore.

4. ACDisplay

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ACDisplay is yet another good and customizable lock screen app for Android Smartphones. By using this Lock screen you can get the notification easily and can go to the section of apps from the lock screen itself. Besides that it also offers you feature like shortcuts for notification, Active Mode, blacklist apps, low priority notification, dynamic background, customization etc. Download ACDisplay Lockscreen app from Google Playstore for free.

5. Picturesque Lock Screen

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Picturesque is a well design Lock screen app which comes with multiple numbers of appealing options on Lock screen. Installing this app, you can easily open contacts, apps, and web from your lock screen. Here you will find toggles and shortcuts for apps, also features including weather info, date, time, notification and lot more. This lock screen offers you with new Bing Background each and every day. It is a free app and available on Google play store.

6. ZUI Locker

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ZUI Locker can be the right app for you if want to have a full control over the Lock screen of your device. This locks screen app is simple, yet offers with different powerful features including toggles and shortcuts, RAM usage, setting, SOS and intruder selfie features etc. Installing this app you can customize your lock screen, with various layouts, and wallpapers. Beside that you will you can also set up the look of your Lock screen, with different lock styles. Download ZUI Locker from Google Playstore for free.

7. Gesture Lock Screen

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Gesture is another great lock screen for Android Smartphones. This app comes with huge functionalities that enabling you to create a cool gesture. Installing this app you can customize your lock screen, as well as can change the unlock animation, sounds, background and lot more. There is also a short cut for notification, so you can directly jump to the sections of notification. Gesture is available on Google Playstore and comes with both free and paid version.

8. GO Locker

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Go Locker is currently the most used lock screen app. This Android app comes with multiple numbers of themes and wallpaper which are available for free as well as paid. Themes and wallpaper available here are of different styles, including android styles, iPhone styles, and some others styles. It also comes with a lock screen shortcut for setting, messages, apps, and phone, which means you, can get access to them from the Lock screen of your device. Get it on Google Playstore for free.

9. Locker Master

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Locker Master is another popular Lock screen app for Android Smartphones. It allows you to create your own lock screen with different attractable and HD themes. It is a customizable app, where you can customize your phone setting and app from the lock screen of your Smartphone. You can also view over your miscalled calls and messages from the lock screen itself. Beside it also allows you to check the notification of social media sites including Google +, Twitter, and Facebook from the lock screen of your device. Download Locker Master Lock screen app from Google Playstore for free.

All these listed Apps Lock for Android Smartphones are of high quality, offering you with several attractable themes and wallpaper. They are really popular, which has gained huge positive responses and reviews since their launched date. Installing any one of them you can bring the out most look on the Lock screen of your Smartphones. So without waiting anymore, download any one of them from Google Playstore and start creating your own lock screen, with different themes and wallpapers.

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